Welcome To BigFoot Bread Company. Home of the most traditionally nontraditional bakery in the Pacific Northwest! You can expect us to offer up  freshly flavored, nature respected bread products from ROUND Focaccias , “As Large as your Head” Cinnamon Rolls, FLAVORFUL Toasting Bread and THICK English Muffins. Our hope is that once you taste our bread, you and/or your family will fall in love with our offerings.

We now offer our Newest products and some old favorites only found in our storefront at 616 Main Street Oregon City. Cookies by the Bag, Crackers, Apple Strudel, CupCakes, Pot Pies, and Cinnamon Swirling Bread to name a few of the major changes going on.

If you like our varieties of breads make sure you pick them up at the farmers markets because that’s where they will be made readily available.

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The Adventures of a dude, a dream, a loaf of bread, a cinnamon roll and the wayward desire to spread goodness, wellness and yumminess in a world full of preservatives.



577343_425286090849984_1691510085_nThis will be the best bread you EVER eat! I guarantee it. I don’t throw guarantees around all willy nilly either. Find this dude and eat his bread. By the way, everybody, its not like i know this dude personally. i just buy his bread every other week. Its not like he’s a broke relative trying to get rich quick with hair care products and twisting my arm to say nice things or some crap. He just makes the best bread in Portland, maybe the universe. So quit firkin around and try a loaf!

Scott W
SE Portland