We have come to the end of the road. Friday, April 25th we will close our doors forever. We will not be leaving gracefully nor peacefully. We are packing up Wednesday and Thursday and selling off all of our equipment. All of our ingredients will be dispersed to neighbors and friends and our leftovers will be handed out.

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The Adventures of a dude, a dream, a loaf of bread, a cinnamon roll and the wayward desire to spread goodness, wellness and yumminess in a world full of preservatives.



577343_425286090849984_1691510085_nThis will be the best bread you EVER eat! I guarantee it. I don’t throw guarantees around all willy nilly either. Find this dude and eat his bread. By the way, everybody, its not like i know this dude personally. i just buy his bread every other week. Its not like he’s a broke relative trying to get rich quick with hair care products and twisting my arm to say nice things or some crap. He just makes the best bread in Portland, maybe the universe. So quit firkin around and try a loaf!

Scott W
SE Portland